Thursday, 13 October 2016

Hudson Super Six Prop Hire. Grapes of Wrath

Fantastic Prop Hudson Super Six. Made for a production of Grapes of Wrath but so many uses for this great truck.

Steel chassis, mounted on 6 nylon castors. Body is fibreglass and ply. Bonnet opens and truck sides fold down. The wheel hub caps rotate (battery) with speed control to make it look like the wheels are turning and the headlights light up. Applying the handbrake drops the rear tyres to the ground to stop the truck rolling. Approx 4m by 1.5m.

Call 01494 419300 for more information, pop over to say Hi on our facebook page or drop us a line

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Pendragon Props for Hire

Pics to follow. We have these Pendragon props available.

Large Rectangular Shields (2)
Shadow Cloth
Young Arthur Cloak
Kelemon Necklace (2)
Herbs and Basket
Fish (3)
Merlin’s Book
Dummy Boy’s Head
Baby Arthur Blanket
Shower Curtain
Old Walking Sticks (3)
Luggage Bundles on Carry Sticks (2)
Brown Paper Roll
Uther Stylised Effigy (2)
Heavy Swords (3)
Wooden Crucifix  (15)
Herb Pan
Embroidery Sampler (2)
Silver Bowl
Excalibur Stand
2 Wooden Bows
Pendragon’s Sword
Various Swords and Scabbards (20+)
Green Apples (14)
Red Apples (2)
Rough Hessian Scroll (2)
Snakes (2)
Wooden Clackers (12)
Skulls (3)
Night Lights (10)
Chess Pieces (10)
Morgan’s Clawed Hand
Leather Belt
Dragon Scroll
Pellinore’s Bag
Excalibur (2)
Chess Board
Morgan’s Doll
Maiden’s Lanterns (6)
Small Green Snake Puppets (15)
Round Shield (15)

Bugsy Malone Props For Hire

Pics to follow, but we have these props for Bugsy Malone available to hire

Radio Microphone
Blousey’s Bag
Fat Sam’s Menu (3)
Viewer in Box
Baseball Bat
Soda Syphon
Black Bakelite Phone
Party Poppers (used as Splurge replacement)
Dollar Bills
Laundry Basket & Laundry
Truncheons (3)
Dandy Dan’s Telephone
Vintage Radio
Night Stick
Large Saucepan
Sundry Soup Kitchen Wear
Detective’s Powder and Brush
Tullulah’s Red Rose
Wooden Spoon
Red Table Cloth
Microphone (2)
Magnifying Glass

Splurge Guns (8)

The Ragged Child Props for Hire

Available to Hire

Assorted old, aged books
Sundry Programmes Great Exhibition
Sundry Legal Papers / Briefs
Bag of Money
Hymn Music
Small Slate / Chalk
Two Opium Pipes
Table Cloths Red/Green
Small Flower Basket
Old Accounts Journal
Tin Sick Bowls (3)
Poop Shovel
Vintage Cobblers Last
Cart Wedges
Manacles (5 Pairs)
Wicker Wine Bottle
Curly Wigs
Wooden Knife
Sparkly Necklace
Leather Shoulder Bag
Yellow Flower

Ratting Basket

Friday, 16 October 2015

Parade Props for Hire

A local group put on Parade earlier this year. When we get a bit more organised, I'll list some of the props available.

At the end of the show, a large print of the actual hanging was flown in (also allowed on-stage quick change) which we thought was a clever way of avoiding hanging one of the cast.

Plenty of other props too, let us know what you're after.

Call 01494 419300 for more information or drop us a line

Sweeney Todd Props for Hire

A local group performed Sweeney Todd in promenade in a working Victorian Paper Mill. With the audience up close and personal, the props for this show were mostly authentic period pieces. We now have a full set of Sweeney Todd props available to hire. From those essential chairs, grinders and ovens to set dressing and beyond. There's a bigger list at the bottom of the post.

Our genuine period barber's chair for hire, has a bespoke 'tipping' mechanism designed and built (and the arms widened as apparently our posteriors are a little wider than a hundred years ago).

We also have the original chair before delivery of the upgrades!

Sweeney Todd Tipping Barbers Chair

Sweeney Todd oven for hire! With full size opening front door, smaller 'check on the pies' opening and an escape hatch through the rear (pie shelf folds up out of the way).

Original Barber's Chair for Sweeney Todd (reclining back). 

Shown on set with Washstand and Pirelli's Chest

 Sweeney Todd Meat Grinder for hire.
The meat grinder pushes out human 'mince' (playdough) when the wheel is turned (requires daily cleaning/preparation). Mince can be supplied if required. 

Period Washstand


That awkward moment when limbs don't fit in the meat grinder!


Vintage sack/body barrow!

Pirelli's Chest

English Spelling version of the Mrs Lovett's World Famous Meat Pies Poster

Fake pies and set dressing

Chains (plastic painted) to secure some of the asylum residents.

Cutlery, pots and pans, set dressing

Mini Piano (also have a mini harmonium if preferred)

Asylum sign


This video shows the oven being heated using a simple water vapour based 'fire' effect. The lighting is halogen lamps, the heat of which 'wafts' the vapour to resemble flames. The director for the local show used a smoke machine in the end (as in huge warehouse), but for a stage production the vapour effect offers a smoke free alternative. 

Plenty more props still to be added. 

Call 01494 419300 for more information or drop us a line.

Sweeney Todd Props List: Sweeney Todd Barber Chair #1. Sweeney Todd tipping barber's chair, Mrs Lovett's oven, Meat grinder/mincer, Mrs Lovett's Meat Pies Sign, Barbers Washstand, Pirelli's Chest, Birdcages, Human 'mince', fake pies, organ (choice)

Set dressing (plus a load more): Stack of period newspapers, vintage flour sacks, body parts, body parts in jars, Victorian noticeboard, vintage sack barrow, meat guillotine, various market seller wares, asylum chains, lanterns,

Monday, 12 October 2015

Scrooge Props For Hire UK

We bought these from another group when it looked like Scrooge was an option for a winter production.

Sadly it never happened, or at least it hasn't yet! In the meantime, the props are available to hire.

A few example pictures below, drop us a line for more information. You can also visit the new website or find us on

Jewelled Chalices, Jewelled Jug, China Doll, Pewter and Crockery Mince Pie Plate, Widows and Oprhans Collection Box, Old Wooden Cratchet's Coin Box, Scrooge's Soup Bowl, Small Bunch of Violets, Brass Taper Holder with Tapers and Snuffer, Ebenezer's Office Glass Vase, Leather Money Pouches, Silky Purple Scarf/Blindfold, Hessian Santa Sack, Brass Vases, Child's Drum & Drumsticks, Waist-Tie Money Bags, Scraggy Goose, Mince Pies, Cherry Pies, Large Yule Log, Turkey Leg, Meat Parcels, Christmas Puddings, Tiny Tim's Leg Iron, Watch & Chain, Quills on Ink Pot, Scrooge's Weighing Scales, Wooden Toy Sailing Ship.